About MAT

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Media Arts and Technology (MAT) research fuses emergent media, computer science, engineering, and electronic music and digital art research, practice, production, and theory. This relatively new field of inquiry focuses on cultural content (music, video and film, TV, radio, performing arts, etc.) and its integration with the most recent Information and Communication Technologies, including the field of Human Computer Interaction.

The research areas comprise a vast number of aspects ranging from multimedia processing and analysis, new media formats, content creation, searching, integration, adaptation, diffusion and presentation. The application domains of MAT range from improvements in conventional areas such as computer graphics, sound and music computing and artificial intelligence through enablers of new media industries up to new development of health therapies, education, fashion, and tourism, for example.

The MAT research program aims at achieving innovation in various scientific and technological fields within the domain of Media Arts and Technology. Expected outcomes will range from knowledge production (high-impact scientific publications and publications in the general media) to innovative prototypes and modular technologies of use to industry as well as end-users.

The MAT research program will last between January 2013 – July 2015.

It comprises 3 Work Packages:

  1. Work Package 1: Interaction with Music Information
  2. Work Package 2: Social TV
  3. Work Package 3: Serious Games for Effective Learning