AR, Gaming and Certification

Technical aspects of Work Package 3


Technical components, framework and proof-of-concept modules:

  1. Main development in Unity3D, AndroidSDK and Qualcomm Vuforia.
  2. Unity3D tutorial by João Jacob. (link)
  3. Vuforia AR demo with shadow rendering by Rui Nóbrega. (link) (.apk)

Learning and Certification:

  1. Competence assessment matrix by Ricardo Baptista (link).
  2. Learning in driver’s license simulator.

Module 1:

  1. Development of Serious Games solutions for Learning in Tourism context.
  2. Collaboration with UT Austin|Portugal Game Design and Development Workshop (João Jacob).
  3. Development of tourism prototype Unlocking Porto (Soraia Ferreira, Jessika Weber, João Jacob, João Ribeiro, Rui Nóbrega, António Coelho). (link) (.apk)

Module 2:

  1. Location-based augmented reality solution (João Jacob and Rui Nóbrega). (link) (.apk)
  2. Using João Jacob’s Ph.D. GeoStream Location module.
  3. Based on the concept of Unlocking Porto.

Module 3:

  1. Augmented reality using physical tourist map (AR Tour Map) (Rui Nóbrega). (link) (.apk)
  2. Using João Jacob’s Ph.D. GeoStream 3D City Generation module.
  3. FEUP Lens Use case.

Module 4:

  1. Location-based augmented reality solution (Rui Nóbrega, João Jacob ).
  2. Historical city exploration and assessment (under construction). (link) (.apk)
  3. Lost in FEUP: use case.
  4. XML and documentation.
  5. Location-based serious game development Unity package. [link]
  6. Invicta demo.

Module 5:

  1. Location-based Transmedia Game for FEUP on-site exploration (Rui Nóbrega, António Moura, Marisa Marques).
  2. Lost In FEUP prototype (António Moura)
  3. Design Guidelines (Marisa Marques)

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